About Intriguing Perspectives

The inspiration for Intriguing Perspectives developed after a summer vacation in Rome. I studied art history during my two years at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, but that was back in 1994. When I left Chicago, I left most of my inspiration and desire to create. For years I avoided my creative side and stumbled through boring positions. Then in 2012, a vacation took me through the Roman Coliseum, the Vatican, and countless museums filled with timeless works of art. The Statue of David was amazing. Then walking the streets of Rome and Florence, looking at their modern flavor. It was an incredible experience.


The first few days after the trip, I found myself squirming with creativity. The walls of my condo were practically blank compared to the previous surroundings in Rome. Some recent research drew my attention to a modern artist named shauno. His female portraits show a terrific use of color and shading while one in particular really caught my attention. As a release of creative energy I replicated this image on the large blank wall of my studio. Now every time I walk in I have creativity staring at me.


Later that week I returned to the office and was searching for additional subject matter. A co-worker who understood my sense of humor agreed to participate in my next piece. We wanted to keep the subject matter light and humorous so we chose a cheesy majestic pose and added a non-sense statement. Surprisingly, multiple others from the office approached me with pictures of their families and various color scheme requests. At that time, each image as made from layers of individually cut pieces of colored paper. This process was very time consuming. To streamline the process, I was then turned onto the concept of using peeled vinyl that was sent through a cutting plotter.


With the use of a plotter, I am able to cut multiple layers from different colors. The different colors are then carefully layered on top of each other to eventually build a design that is unique to your subject matter. Your images can then be applied to a large number of creative surfaces making the results a truly unique piece.


By uploading your image through this site, Intriguing Perspectives will work to produce a rough draft for your approval, typically within 24 hours. Make your gifts so much more personal. Decorate your walls with something meaningful. Intriguing Perspectives is always working hard to service you and the community. We are proud to donate multiple works to the Phoenix Children’s Hospital, create signs for community outreach programs, and assist other small companies grow.

Scott Bischoff

Scott Bischoff is a native to Phoenix, Arizona, where he has lived and worked the past 30 years. After studying at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, Scott moved back to Arizona and received his Bachelor’s in Communication from the University of Arizona and his Master’s in Management from the University of Phoenix.

Drawing his inspiration from modern art, as well as the beautiful Arizona deserts, Scott pays attention to the feeling his pieces evoke. He creates art that is bright, functional and connected to things people love –our family, our friends, our home, and our passions.

After over a decade in the traditional business world, Intriguing Perspectives was founded as an outlet for Scott’s creativity, and a way to replenish his supplies after so many friends and coworkers saw his creations and wanted one of their own.

Intriguing Perspectives 2-D and 3-D collections allow you to personalize your photos, and bring fresh, unique statement pieces into your home. Please email scott bischoff@intriguingperspectives.com with any request or questions about the Intriguing Perspectives collection.